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How to Achieve Big Goals in 5 Simple Steps

Setting intentions is powerful. For those who’ve worked with me in one-on-one coaching

sessions, you may be familiar with Wildly Improbable Goals* (aka WIGs). The process to

achieving any dream is simple:

1. Write down a WIG. (And make it a BIG, BEAUTIFUL one!)

2. Map out the steps to get there.

3. Plot smaller turtle-steps that support the big steps.

4. Add turtle-steps as you learn more about what is needed to make it happen.

5. Take turtle steps one-by-one toward your WIG.

A couple of my WIGs from a year and a half ago (August 17, 2017 to be exact) are close to

becoming a reality. I wrote on a post-it note: “Publish and sell my photography.” On another one I

wrote: “Publish a book.” I put these up on the right side of my wall, and three feet to the left I put a

post-it with the date. In between these, I put steps two through four above on post-its.

Some initial turtle steps were simple, like:

  1.  Find a photographer mentor

  2.  Write daily (which became weekly)

  3.  Join a writing group

  4.  Take a publishing course

  5.  Watch post-processing how-to videos

Turtle-step by turtle-step I’ve moseyed closer to these WIGs by combining them. And guess

what? I’m so close I can see the finished copy of what will be a photo-with-journal-prompt book.

Using nature as a wise teacher, I’ve captured the metaphoric lessons she teaches us paired with

my photos. And I use coaching-style questions to help the reader find their inner answers through


Magic unfolded as I worked toward this vision. I found a fabulous writing group, Community of

Creatives, led by the Courageous Wordsmith Amy Hallberg. I met fellow coaches, who had

published their own novels, that became my dear friends, editors and sounding boards. My

community rose to support me by choosing their favorite photographs and encouraging my ideas

and concepts. I have designers from my former career that I can call upon. It all came together

beautifully in perfect timing!

Now, I’m in the final stages of self-publishing and it feels so delicious!

Achieving your WIGs is possible with perseverance, patience, seeking knowledge and turtle

steps. If you’re looking for a coach to help you bring your dreams into reality, let’s talk!

*The concept of Wildy Improbable Goals, and how to get there, was developed by  Martha Beck .

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