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T H E  J O U R N E Y

Whether you’ve chosen to change your career, or that choice has been made for you (via layoff or termination), it can feel like a complete identity loss. So many of our conversations and so much of our time is consumed by work. It’s a role we cling to as representative of who we are. And when that’s no longer there, we find ourselves floundering out in a vast sea with no shore in sight.


The truth is, we are so much more than the roles we identify with. No matter what you believe in any moment, no one can take your skills, experience, knowledge, education, abilities or capabilities from you. You have not lost yourself, your inner light, your problem-solving skills or your ability to rebuild.




The good news is that you now have the opportunity to rebuild in any shape or form that you desire.


“Not all storms come to destroy, some come to clear your path.” ~ Anonymous


Change is inevitable. We all grow and morph as we age. Sometimes that change comes faster and more abruptly than we’re comfortable with. Often when this happens, it’s the Universe (or God, or whatever higher power you believe in) forcing us in a direction that is for our greatest good and we simply weren’t paying attention to the previous nudges.


I was laid off five times in eight years before I finally got the hint that I wasn’t intended to be a marketing and communications professional. When I finally tuned in to my purpose, I discovered life changing freedom and fulfillment.


If you had no fear and couldn’t make a mistake, what would you do with this one, precious life?


Life coaching can help you both identify that next career as well as map out how to get there.


If you already know what you want to do, here are a few words of guidance to weigh within yourself:


Forget blindly applying to every job that seems remotely close to the job you want. Despite popular belief, it’s not a numbers game and submitting on job boards will not get you in the door.


You only need one job: the right one. Focusing on that will help you prioritize your time and not burn out. Plus, it means you won’t be in this same boat a few months later when you decide you actually want to be doing something else. (AND, you won’t be taking a job from someone who's life purpose matches it.)


Once you’ve identified your chosen space, tap into your network to find someone who has a connection to the company, hiring manager or broader team. For so many reasons, hiring managers want to hire people who come referred from known and trusted sources. Work your network, and if you don’t have someone directly connected, find a degree or two of separation and do an informational interview. Getting in front of people live will allow them to see you as a real person (not just a resume) and they’ll be much more likely to put their reputation on the line by referring you.


I love dreaming up wildly audacious career transformations with clients. You know what? They make them happen when they give themselves permission to truly follow their heart’s calling!


It doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work involved or a long road to get there. And they don’t quit their day jobs immediately because, well, living expenses. AND it’s all worth it! Fulfillment drives their passion, and their passion fuels the effort that feels like play.


If you could not fail, what career would you choose?


If you had more than enough money and resources, what career or business would you build?


Each of us is uniquely built with very specific tastes, preferences, innate skills and passions. What brings you joy and fills you with energy is directly related to your life’s purpose(s). You were made to do something specific…and that something may not even be created yet. You might forge something completely new that society needs.


For some that sounds terrifying. Coaching can help you work past these blocks of fear, unworthiness, or feeling incapable. Not only can coaching help you identify your purpose, we can also map a course to get there and remove the limiting beliefs that block you from achieving it.


If this is something you’re willing to give yourself permission to reach for, let’s talk!

Choosing Change
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