I'm excited to work with you

In the process of coming back into my own energetic alignment and remembering, I have found a space of complete trust and surrender that I am (and always will be) supported in all the ways I need.


I’ve known for a while now that my purpose is to help elevate others to realize and remember their own answers always are within them and always accessible to them. I know I’m intended to teach others how to connect with that divine love and wisdom. I delight in holding safe, sacred space for folks to find freedom, joy and peace. And because I’m living from that purpose, all will be provided in its perfect timing.


As such, I work from a donation-based service model. I trust all will balance out to be exactly as it should be. This means you choose your payment amount for the session, whether it be coaching or energy work.


In this way I may be of service to those of all income levels and provide resources to whoever is seeking to connect with their true nature for answers and direction forward.


Discovery Calls and Coaching sessions may be scheduled below. For Ho'ola Loa (Energy Realignment & Balancing) and Breathwork Meditation Healing Sessions, please go to the Energy Healing Services tab below to schedule.

All sessions are scheduled in the below services area.