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Life Coaching & Energy Work is not just a vocation; it’s my lifestyle. I self-facilitate as much as I do so for clients because these tools continually bring me back to my Self, back to truth, and back to love and light. Over the years, these tools have helped me heal some of my greatest pains, and now they continue to gift me with personal growth and deep spiritual awareness.


We are all complex, interconnected beings searching for integration and wholeness. Because of that, my toybox of modalities is diverse.  As I sought out experiencing modalities for my own deep inner work, I trained in those that most resonated with me. It led me to develop my own coaching framework that sees the client holistically and offers up tools based on where they might be stuck: physically/energetically, emotionally, consciously, subconsciously and/or spiritually.


Then Spirit led me to create the Institute for Nature Centered Coaching, where I not only teach but also have brought together some of my favorite healers, mentors and gurus from across modalities to supplement the training so that students (coaches in training) have a comprehensive toolkit to learn and use with their clients.


Here are few of my favorite tools that have introduced healing in to the lives of my clients many times over:


  • Mind-Body Connection

  • The Work™ (of Byron Katie)

  • Metaphor Analysis

  • Dream Analysis

  • Ho'ola Loa Energy Realignment/Balancing

  • Breathwork Meditation Healing

  • Shift from the Karpman Drama Triangle to The Empowerment Dynamic

  • Vision Boarding & Intention Setting

  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing

  • Equus Coaching (with a horse as co-facilitator)


Sharing these tools brings me so much joy. I love when my clients have breakthroughs and release burdens they’ve been carrying for years. It’s transformative and inspiring for both of us.

In addition to my individual service offerings and teaching at The Institute for Nature Centered Coaching, I'm on the Leadership Team at the non-profit Free Rein Foundation (a 501c3). Free Rein Foundation rescues abused, neglected and abandoned horses as well as wild mustangs who have been driven from their land. We utilize these precious creatures in facilitating Equine-Assisted Services for inner-city youth, first responders, veterans and corporate business groups. I'm proud to be one of the main facilitators of these hugely impactful group sessions.

Should any of this sound interesting to you...receiving coaching or energy healing, training to become a Nature Centered Coach, or bringing a group to the Free Rein pastures for a corporate team building event, I'd be honored to work with you and hold space for whatever is present.


With deepest gratitude,

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Certifications & FormalTraining

The Professional Stuff:

Certified Wayfinder Master Coach

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Breathwork Meditation Healer

Certified Equus Coach

Certified Ho'ola Loa Practitioner

ICF Professional Certified Coach

International Public Speaker

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings."

- Lao Tzu

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