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Nature photography, interesting facts and journal prompts with a focus on self-discovery.


Feeling stuck? Want to live more intentionally?

Nature guides was created to help you bring the answers inside you out. Using nature as a metaphor, this book taps into your inner wisdom so that you can find the answers you seek!


A lovely gift for any animal or nature lover!

You don't have to be a writer or habitual journaler to get value from this book. Use it to check in with yourself when you're facing an obstacle, or for some creative inspiration when stuck.



"Wow! Your book truly took my breath away and catapulted me on a spectacular journey of self-discovery! Impressive photography kept the pages turning. What a clever way of bringing nature, wildlife and words together to ignite one’s discovery of beauty & strength within. I relished that inspirational escape and plan to take more trips...And pay it forward!"

~ Jolie B.


"Your beautiful and magical book arrived on my doorstep. It is breathtaking. It flipped open to the snowy egret (my spirit animal) and just like that I started writing. This is just the inspiration my writing needed."
~ Jennifer R.


"Your gorgeous book was delivered last week! I love it! Amazing!"
~ Diana H.


"It's beautiful -- and the prompts are sooooooo good."
~ Marni S.


"Oh, oh, oh!! This is such a stunning and magnificent guide for aficianados of beasties and earth. Each image and writing prompt is more beautiful than the one before it! Treat yourself to this wild adventure and explore the impossibly beautiful and infinitely expressive YOU!"
~ Sarah S.


"The book has become my muse and inspiration. I sorely needed one at this time."

~ Erin B.

Nature Guides - Release & Reconnect Through Writing

SKU: V4081807336
  • Length: 158 Pages

    Size: 9"x12"

    Weight: 2 lbs.

    Content: Colorful wildlife photography on each spread combined with interesting facts and questions to contemplate or journal.

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