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Meet Jenn Bauer

Certified Master Coach

I want to acknowledge and congratulate you on taking the first step toward getting unstuck. By virtue of your reading this, you’ve decided to move forward and seek out help to find freedom, joy and peace. That’s huge, beautiful…and something to be proud of. So I invite you to thank yourself for being right here, right now.


I do this work because I love the results. Both personally and professionally, I believe in the profound impact and potential it has to transform lives. I also know that not every facilitator or set of tools is right for everyone. We are each unique and on equally distinctive life journeys, and the best way to find out if my style is right for you is to talk live. And if we’re not a match, that’s okay too. Someone will be, and I’m part of a large community of healers that I’d be happy to make a connection to someone that may be a better fit.

I would be excited and honored to hear more of your story,


Why Life Coaching?

It can help with


Everyone gets stuck. Working with 

a Life Coach experienced in both walking the road and facilitating others in getting "unstuck" can

make all the difference.

Shame & Regret

Past decisions and actions (or non-actions) can trap us in a painful cycle of shame and regret. Together in this confidential and non-judgmental space we can examine your past to release the cycle and find self-forgiveness and joy again.

Grief & Loss

Grief can feel like we are drowning in waves. Processing and moving forward can be immeasurably

easier with someone who deeply understands the depth and journey of grief.

Chronic Pain

Our physical pain is connected to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Coaching reveals unique insights that help identify the root cause of chronic pain, and can help heal the blocks that may be affecting your health.

Career Transition

Whether you have chosen a career change or change has chosen you, navigating that transition into transformation is a bedrock of life coaching. 

Stress & Anxiety

Stress can come in the form of a spinning mind, constricted body, sleep troubles, and sense of overwhelm. The process we journey together can help you bring peace and freedom back into your life.


Since I was a child, I have avoided celebrating my birthday. Jenn helped me shift my stories about my childhood and parents so that I can now see and accept them for who they were. Now, 50 years later, I'm finding joy in celebrating my birthday with my partner, kids and grandkids. Forgiveness and understanding is a beautiful thing! Thank you, Jenn, for everything!

— Susan


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by Jenn Bauer

Feeling stuck? Want to live more intentionally?

Nature Guides was created to help you bring the answers inside you out. Using nature as a metaphor, it taps into your inner wisdom so that you can find the answers you seek.


Your beautiful and magical book arrived on my doorstep.  It is breathtaking.  It flipped open to the snowy egret (my spirit animal) and just like that I started writing.  This is just the inspiration my writing needed.
~ Jennifer R.

It’s beautiful — and the prompts are soooooo good!
~ Marni S.

An amazing and beautiful book packed with incredible wild animal and nature photography and journal prompts to help you RELEASE + RECONNECT through writing! It’s breathtaking! Treat yourself today!
~ Sarah S.

Hardcover. 158 pages, half of which are full of colorful photography. This is a coffee-table style book and an excellent addition to your writing routine. (Size: 12″ x 9.5″ x 1″ | Weight: 2 lbs.)