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Celebrating the Gifts of Summer Solstice

On this beautiful Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we celebrate all that the sun is and provides for us! It’s no accident that the Earth is the only planet with a distance perfect enough to sustain life. Any further and it would be too cold, any closer and it would be too hot.

On this day when we are closest to the sun, we feel the warmth of this season and rejoice in it. Thank you, Sun, for feeding all the plants, which in turn provide us food and oxygen. Thank you, Sun, for feeding our skin vitamin D, which strengthens our immune system plus boosts our mood, so that we may feel joyful. Thank you, Sun, for giving us light so that our eyes may delight in the beauty that surrounds us!

With the cyclical change of seasons, the feminine energy of ideation and inspiration of Spring’s rebirth rolls into the masculine, active energy of Summer’s doing and executing of those plans. Summer is all about motion and movement.

With longer days, we can do more as our body’s energy responds to the light as a signal to be awake. The light and dark cycles of the sun powerfully affect our circadian rhythm. With more light, we have more energy, and with more energy, we are simply more active.

We can feel that in our urges to ride our bikes, hike in mountains, swim in the sea or a pool, go site seeing on vacations, and play in the garden. What action does your body want to take right now?

This is also the season for putting our ideas into action. Whatever dreams have inspired you, now is the time to bring them to life and make them a reality. Summer infuses us with the energy to do all that we hope to…so that come Fall, we may harvest.

So, tend to the gardens of your heart. Weed out that which blocks you, fertilize that which enlivens you, and step into what empowers you to create that which only you can create. There is only one you. The uniqueness that is your individuality has never before been in existence and will never come again.

Bring your unique genius, your original medicine, out into the Sun and move into creative action! You have the support of the Sun and this season’s energy surrounding you and infusing you.

How will you leverage this? What do you yearn to create? What ideas will you manifest into physical form?

At INCC, we teach our coaches how to work with the energy of the seasonal cycles. We provide tools and practices to help them leverage the specific energies as well as create their own rituals and ceremonies to support not only their own growth and development, but also that of their clients. This is one of many ways we live in deep relationship with Nature and her abundant gifts.

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