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Top 10 Limiting Beliefs About a Loved One’s Death

I was reading an article about Bronnie Ware, a former caregiver for those who were dying, and a

blog she wrote entitled “ The Top Five Regrets of the Dying .” It caused me to think about the

regrets of the bereaved as well. As someone who had caused my own suffering for many years

after my mom’s suicide, I reflected on the stories I told myself. (My hunch is that these may

resonate with you, too.)

Before we dive into the stories, though, I want to talk to you about clean pain and dirty pain.

Clean pain is just that. Pure, flowing energy. Loss of a loved one is clean pain. Clean pain is part

of life and part of our human experience. Clean pain needs to be felt and processed in the waves

that ebb and flow.

Dirty pain are the stories we tell ourselves about that clean pain. Dirty pain can keep us stuck in a

cycle of suffering. Limiting Beliefs are dirty pain.

Top 10 Limiting Beliefs About a Loved One’s Death:

1. The more I suffer, the more I prove my love.

2. I should have (actions not taken before their death).

3. I’m a bad person if I don’t think about (loved one) all the time.

4. I’m a bad person if I move on.

5. I should have been a better (role in that relationship).

6. I shouldn’t dishonor the memory of (loved one) by talking or thinking about their


7. (Loved one) should be here right now.

8. If only (different circumstance), they’d still be alive.

9. I can’t live without (loved one).

10. I shouldn’t be happy without (loved one).

Any of these sound familiar?

When I believed the above, I suffered deeply. Slowly over time, with grace and professional help,

I released these painful thoughts and replaced them with truths.

I realized that everything always happens exactly as it should because that’s reality. There is a

greater plan at work and I can’t possibly know the reasons why in my limited capacity as a

human. I am not God, and to think I know best is all ego (and a lie).

My mother shouldn’t be here now because she isn’t. I can live (and have lived, obviously) without


My mother would never have wanted me to suffer as I did. She loved me and always wanted me

to live a happy, loving and fulfilled life. The more I live my best life, the more I honor her. The

more I let go and move on, the more I am able to achieve what she tried and failed to do.

If you’re ready to release any and all of the above limiting beliefs, consider joining me and four

other Master Coaches at our Bali Healing Retreat. We’ll dedicate a good portion of our four days

together on addressing these beliefs and others. You’ll open up some space in your heart and

mind again for forgiveness and self-love.

There’s peace and joy on the other side; I’ve felt it. We all deserve to be happy and live a fulfilled

life. It’s time to allow yourself that.

If you’re ready to drop your baggage around loss and grief, join us  November 26 to December 1,

2019 . Our early bird special pricing ends soon, and we only have limited spaces available, so act

quickly! (Plus flights right now are at some of their lowest pricing.)

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