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Earth University

You are so incredibly brave. I want to take a moment to recognize you for that. I invite YOU to take a moment and recognize yourself.

You show up each day and live your human life, doing the best you can. Your best might look different from time to time, but none-the-less, you ARE doing your very best. In each and every moment. Despite whatever hardships and challenges arise.

Your soul chose to take the hardest educational path a soul can take. You chose to be a human on earth at our very densest and lowest vibrational time in history. Yikes.

You said, “Sure, I’ll go and assist humanity. I volunteer.”

The Creator said, “Are you sure? You do realise you won’t remember home. You’re going in blind and are signing up to take the hardest, most challenging classes on behalf of the collective.”

And guess what? If you’re reading this, then you said YES.

And each of us got here, forgot home, and started learning the hard lessons to graduate to the next class and the next. Advancing at each level, learning and expanding a bit more (or needing to take the same class over again until we pass…sometimes frustratedly repeating it several times).

Some of us said, “Pile on all the lessons. I want to pass more than just one experience and clear more than just one karmic pattern.”

And then got here and said, “WAIT! I agreed to what again?!” But the contract was signed and we’re moving forward with our agreement.

So, I say again, YOU ARE SO BRAVE!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for doing your best. Thank you for taking the hard classes and double or quadruple majoring in these doctorate-level Earth degrees.

I know that sometimes it can feel like more than you can handle. AND – you’re equipped with all you need to not only overcome and achieve each level, but also experience the joy, freedom and peace that comes with learning the lessons and expanding your consciousness. As you also expand those around you simply by advancing to the next level. Simply by being and existing - right here, right now.

For those who might feel hopless right now, please keep the faith in yourself that you can and WILL graduate from Earth University. You are enough. There is elation to be experienced, and there are tools and support systems out there to support you. You’re not alone. It’s ok to ask for help, like a tutor or mentor…or life coach.

And you're always surrounded by your own spiritual support team that's ready to assist at every moment, they're just waiting to be asked. (After all, you have free will and they can't help if you don't ask for it.)

I’m here to support you however you need. And if I can’t help, I know a whole bunch of wonderful peers that might fit your needs. So reach out.

You got this!!!


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