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There IS an Easy Button

I know this runs contrary to societal beliefs and expectations, but there IS an easy button that we ALL have access to. It’s taken me the hard (and long) way to find it. For most of my life, I lived according to the belief that hard work and sacrifice was the only way to earn what you wanted in life. (And, btw, I believed everything good needed to be earned.)


It’s certainly one way, just not the only way. And it’s oh-so-exhausting to live that way. So, I offer this to you here, should you want to try the easy button yourself.


In the simplest of explanations: We are more powerful than we realize. We co-create our experiences through our thoughts and beliefs. What we believe, and the emotions that correspond to that, are what fuel the creation of our lived experiences. What we expect and where we put our attention is what we receive.


We also have a Soul-Self (which I call my Divine Presence) that is infinitely wiser about how to go about achieving our desires in a way that supports our highest good. With regard to those desires: what happens for us is what we need (from an all-knowing level) and not necessarily what we want (from our limited human perspective). AND when we ask for what we want with clarity and peace or joy in our hearts, I have found that it turns out so much better than I could have forced, worked, or thought my way through.


For example, I don’t write my newsletters or my blogs (like this one!). My Soul-Self does. I don’t think my way through it.


I simply get still, clear my mind, connect in with my Divine Presence and ask her, “What does this (newsletter or blog) need to say that will serve those who read it for their highest good?” Then I wait, with my fingers at the ready on the keyboard.


Whatever words come, that’s what I write. When I get to the end, my brain kicks into editing mode. I realize that what I wrote was way better than what would have come out if I had used logic, reasoning and traditional marketing strategies. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.


I started playing with this idea of asking my Soul-Self to help with all kinds of things. The trick is to genuinely get out of her way. No backseat driving, if you will. Complete surrender of my ego and allowing her to lead. No tension, no worrying, no needing something specific to happen.


I ask her to help me find parking spaces in crowded lots and I end up with prime parking. I ask her to manage the timing of my client’s energy sessions, so that I can be fully focused on being in the flow of it, and the session always naturally comes to a close at exactly the allotted time. I don’t even look at a clock until the end. It’s always perfect.


This week, I asked my Divine Presence to help me source donated yoga mats for Free Rein Foundation, so I could facilitate a Breathwork circle for the inner-city youth I work with. Then, I got the inspiration (also known as a nudge from our Divine Presence) to email my aunt who owns a yoga studio. She gave me her yoga mat supplier’s contact info. Within 2 hours, that supplier donated $1,000 worth of yoga mats to ship out that day.


I even ask my Divine Presence to resolve issues that arise, and then totally let it go from my mind and any emotional weight or grasping. She takes care of it all. Easy-peasy.


For example, I’m leading a Return to & Remember: Heart, Spirit, Earth retreat in Bali in October. Wiring a deposit internationally was more complicated than anticipated given all the ways banks are trying to protect folks from fraud. Add in some language barriers between myself and the Indonesian resort manager, and there was a mix-up with the deposit. Even though the account number and bank branch were correct, the resort couldn’t receive funds on their end due to the name entered as the resort name rather than the parent company’s, and my bank couldn’t change any details after the fact.


Normally a $4,000 mishap like this would make me panic a bit. I chose, instead, to double-down on surrendering it up to my Soul-Self to resolve. I set it aside from my mind and any emotional tension around it and asked for help. I said, “I hand this over to you to resolve in whatever way is best and trust that all will be handled for everyone’s highest good.”


I woke the next morning to an email from the eco-lodge manager saying it was all resolved and funds were in their account. There was no need for any further action and our rooms were reserved as agreed upon.


Even the retreat itself was designed by my Divine Presence. I, along with my co-host Claire, were sitting around my dining room table and asked our respective Divine Presence what the theme and focus of our retreat should be…and where in the world. Over the next few days, everything came together in pure divine guidance and inspiration. Then, as if to affirm we had received the messages accurately, we received an abundance of synchronicities. (A ridiculous amount that made us giggle with delight!)


We were tapped into the collective and this retreat is indeed what the world is calling for us to facilitate. I didn’t put in much effort, I merely sat back and allowed it all to present itself and align into place like perfectly matched puzzle pieces.


Since I’ve learned to let my Divine Soul-Self lead, life has become so incredibly easy.


AND, I recognize that we humans are not wired that way. It takes practice in asking for help, allowing help, and surrendering to something greater than our human mind. Our ego does not like it. And yet, once we start to see and experience firsthand how much less effort it all takes, we open ourselves up to experience life in a more expansive, loving, and joyful way. We have more mental bandwidth and emotional peace.


In Buddhism there is a saying, “The mind makes an excellent servant, but a terrible master.”


What aspects of your life will you begin to play with using this easy button?


I suggest starting small, with things you don’t have invested emotions in happening either way. Play with the small stuff to give your mind and ego some proof to support your belief that it is indeed possible...and then gradually make the requests more challenging. Soon enough you’ll realize how divinely supported you are…and how easy this human life can actually be!


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