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Generosity Begets Generosity

This past week has been euphorically heart expanding and I feel called to share the experience with you because generosity begets generosity.

As you know, my other business (Institute for Nature Centered Coaching) is a life coach training program with a mission to teach a variety of tools and modalities that help folks connect with their inner wisdom in reciprocal partnership with Nature’s infinite wisdom to live in joy, peace and freedom. I’ve hired eleven other teachers, who are each experts in their modalities, to bring their knowledge and experience into creating classes at this school. One of these teachers is Anela Malulani Watson.

Anela is a retired military leader who had her awakening moment about 6 years ago as a result of finding and reuniting with her daughter, who had been a victim of a sex trafficking ring. (You can watch their story as part of a documentary for Matt Levi Investigates series.) In a full-surrender moment, she found complete forgiveness – and most surprisingly, love – for those who had taken, beaten, sexually abused and starved her daughter for more than 2 years. And thus started her journey toward remembering her divine healer within.

Since then, she’s trained and certified in 18 different tools and modalities, that she has since integrated into a practice she’s named Ho’ola Loa, which translates from Hawaiian to English as Energy Realignment and Balancing. It stems from a belief that we are not broken, but instead perfect and completely capable of bringing ourselves back into alignment with that perfection at any given moment. A belief I also share with her.

Anela was not confident with her technical acumen, so she requested to come visit for a week so that I could assist her in creating her INCC class videos and audio recordings. As a part of her visit, she provided 2 days’ worth of Ho’ola Loa sessions on a donation basis to my local clients and friends…100% of which she donated back to our Institute. She also hosted a workshop to teach her Basic Ho’ola Loa class from my living room and donated 30% of those proceeds to the Institute. All in, she raised $1,200 in funding to support needs-based scholarships at INCC and I’m deeply grateful to her for this generosity.

Anela believes whole-heartedly that she is divinely supported in all things. As such, she always offers her Ho’ola Loa services on a donation basis. That means folks pay what they can and believe is the value of the service they receive. Sometimes that means someone pays $25, and other times she receives $300+. Living in complete trust, she’s been able to financially support her lifestyle and family in this way.

In the moments between “work” (class recordings, sessions and workshop hours), Anela and I connected, talked, shared our history, played outdoors, and elevated each other’s vibration. In her words, “We’re activating each other.” And let me tell you, we were vibing so high that I found it challenging to fall asleep each night! (I’m normally fast asleep by 9:30/10 p.m.)

She trained me in Ho’ola Loa, and in the process of coming back into my own energetic alignment and perfection, I too found a space of complete trust and surrender. The overwhelming divine love I felt as I connected to Source and my own I Am Presence (aka Soul Self/Inner Wisdom) was so profound, I’m still in reverent awe.

The last of the limiting beliefs and karmic patterns I’ve held around money and finances dissolved. I know I am – and always will – have all I need and want.

I’ve known for a while now that my purpose is to help elevate others to realize and remember their own answers always are within them and always accessible to them. I know I’m intended to teach others how to connect with that divine love and wisdom. I delight in holding safe, sacred space for folks to find freedom, joy and peace. And because I’m living from that purpose, all will be provided in its perfect timing.

As such, I too am moving to a donation-based service model. I trust all will balance out to be exactly as it should be. This is now reflected on my site when booking sessions. You choose your payment amount for the session, whether it be coaching or energy work.

In this way I may be of service to those of all income levels and provide resources to whoever is seeking to connect with their true nature for answers and direction forward. So if my previous rates have been holding you back from asking for support, then pay what you feel is the value to YOU. And for my existing, regular clients, this is also true for you. Pay the rate you feel is right for you.

With deep gratitude for the ability to do this work in the world, I am sending you blessings with these words. May you always feel abundantly supported. May you know your value and feel appreciated for your impact and presence. May you love yourself unconditionally. And may you feel sparks of joy each and every day.


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