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Flames of Hope & Faith

Hope is a Flame. It flickers inside each of us. It is what lights our inspiration for building toward a future. Hope is a creative force that designs for a better tomorrow.

Hope requires Faith. Faith that, despite torrential downpours or tornado winds, Hope’s embers cannot be squelched without our permission.

We have free will, and we are always at choice. We can choose to fan the flames of our hope with faith…or we can allow fear and the illusion of control (who has it, who doesn’t) to separate us from our inner flame.

You are more powerful than your human mind can comprehend.

If you feel caught up in the swirl of news headlines…If you feel caught in the trap of fear…Stop. Become still. Breathe.

Feel into your body. Bring your awareness into the present moment.

Right now, in this moment, are you safe? Right now, in this moment, do you have all you need to live? Right now, in this moment, do you have more than you need to live?

Consciously slow your breathing and count an even inhale and exhale for a few rounds. Breathe fully into the capacity of your lungs, and slowly release it completely. Feel the expansion and retraction.

Find your center. Feel into your inner soul-flame (often in the heart chakra, or between the solar plexus and heart chakra). Consciously connect with that which makes you uniquely YOU.

Visualize it as a candle flame. Feel the heat and dynamic flicker. Allow it to expand…first to the entirety of your chest and abdomen. Then let it fill and flow down your arms and legs into the earth and then upwards, filling your head and flickering out the top.

Intend the flames to burn everything that is not you, anything that is of discord in your thoughts and emotions.

Sit in this fire for as long as feels good. If emotions arise, let them flow. They are energy in motion and are releasing into the flames.

When this process feels complete, slowly bring the fire back in to that single flicker in your center.

Allow that flicker to feed your hope and faith that you are safe, you are all you need and you will always have all you need.

With that flame, what will you create? What will you build for a better tomorrow?


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