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It All Starts Within

It’s easy to get sucked into the swirl of the negative outer activities around us and allow it to bring our mental and emotional states down. It almost seems like we can’t escape the bombardment of it all when everywhere we may look (media and social platforms especially) the headlines incite fear, sadness and anger.

Overhearing conversations in public, negative news is all folks want to talk about and it spreads faster than a wildfire. Add in the natural human tendency to want to be the first to share shocking news, and it is now more than ever when we need to safeguard our thoughts and words.

Often when I feel the urge to spread bad news, I must ask myself:

(1) Can I know that it is absolutely true?

(2) Is the person I want to share this with directly affected by it?

(3) Will this news bring their spirits up or down?

If either of the first two are “no,” or the last is “down,” I keep my mouth closed.

Why is this so important? Where our mind goes, energy flows. We control the fuel and where it’s directed. We create our realities simply based on where our mind spends its time. The information we share then spreads exponentially through the thought seeds we plant in our conversations with others.

We also have the power to recreate and redirect our energy as needed to change what seems to be happening around us.

When we find our mind spinning on a particularly heavy subject matter, we can choose to say to ourselves, “Stop! I will not give this any more mental bandwidth. I am disconnecting from this thought train, dissolving the mental discord, and redirecting my thoughts and energy toward harmony and balance.”

Then I force my outer mind to think about something pleasant, playful, fun, fascinating, curious or joyful. Sometimes that requires self-inquiry or Thought Work. Sometimes I ask myself, “What am I grateful for?”and then look around my environment and start to name and identify what I’m grateful for and why. What or how have these things added to my life in a positive way?

This is something that takes practice. If you’re a spiritual person, I invite you to ask for spiritual support in redirecting and assistance to anchor this new habit.

Our thoughts cause our emotions, and emotions are equally powerful. We also spread our emotional states to others simply by being around them. We’re all empathic, whether we’re conscious of it or not, and it’s why it is so important for us to notice and discern our emotions from others. And to regularly and mindfully cleanse and clear others’ emotions and energy out of our bodies and aura (subtle bodies).

Maintaining stability and consciously anchoring our emotional state can help others, also, through entrainment. Entrainment occurs when the stronger, regulated and more powerful oscillating field causes the weaker, more chaotic oscillating field to synchronize with it. If you have a regulated autonomic nervous system, your body is producing the more powerful coherent rhythms that cause other’s body rhythms to entrain with yours.

All creatures, human or animal, desire to be in a state of peace, freedom and joy. This is how we can spread peace, joy, and love in the world. We become that which we want to see…starting with our thoughts and emotions.

If we can consciously monitor our thoughts and emotional states, and purposefully direct them toward higher vibrations, we not only help ourselves, but we also serve the betterment of humanity.

If we want to stop wars in the world, it starts with stopping the war within ourselves.


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