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Peace on Earth & Good Will Toward All

Peace on Earth starts with peace within. Good will toward all starts with giving ourselves grace.

William Shakespeare wrote “All the world’s a stage.” I believe he’s right. Everyone is a character projection of ourselves, and every circumstance is an opportunity for growth to play out in whatever scene and storyline advances us in our personal evolution. It’s all a play unfolding before us to assist in finding our way back to our true self, which is pure love.

Anything else is merely the illusion of that play. For some, that illusion is a nightmare. We all have the opportunity to wake up.

We are each character playing a part. How we treat others reflects how we treat ourselves. The way we let others treat us is also so. The sooner we understand that, the easier it is for us to focus our attention inward. It’s our invitation to become what we want to see and therefore experience in our outer world.

Want to end society's conditioned judgment? Stop judging ourselves. Offer ourselves grace, compassion, love and appreciation. Soon you’ll see that not only do you extend that to others, but others will extend that to you. The ripple effect is contagious.

Want to experience peace at home, work, in relationships and in your community? Start cultivating it internally. Release anxious thoughts, find stillness, and connect with your inner peace. That vibration will either feel so delicious to others that they’ll join you, or it will create a barrier around you keeping out turmoil and disharmony. The more you practice cultivating peace, the easier it will be to stay aligned with your center.

Some spaces and places that can help: Natural environments, such as a forest, park, beach, lake, or river. Allowing our body to sense into it with sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Calming our mind and body, clearing our thoughts, and coming into presence with what is (not what was or what might be ahead). Meditation is also a great pathway.

Ten years ago, I would not have believed this could or would be possible. I would have scoffed and pointed outward at everyone and everything else as the reason for my anxiety and unhappiness. And I would have been harsher on myself in some misunderstood attempt at “motivating” myself. Like it would turn me into a version of myself I could finally love.

Yet, as I’ve practiced releasing self-judgment and replacing it with grace and kinder thoughts…as well as cultivating peace and continuing to return to my center…the more everything around me has similarly shifted. Our inner world truly does create our outer reality.

As my mentor once said, “It’s not our circumstances that create our feeling state, but it’s our feeling state that creates our circumstances.” She is wholeheartedly right. It’s been my lived experience as well. One I hope to share with others through my work so that they can also find their own peace, and so that we can create a world where there truly is peace everywhere…and where we all treat each other with good will. And ultimately, so that we can remember that we are each Love in its purest form made manifest in a human body.

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