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There is no Magic Pill

Every so often on a discovery call with a potential client, we’ll hit up against what I call “the request for the magic pill.” The hope for the one-and-done cure-all healing…the magic wand of fixes to enable them to continue to cope in order to keep things exactly as they are when all the signs in their life are pointing to needed changes. Most often, the symptoms are anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illness, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue or a mixture of these. All of these are signs our body gives us to change course and redirect our path.

It’s funny. A client can hit upon and decipher the changes their body is asking of them during a session, and yet the resistance can be monumental. Most often, the response will be, “Ok, so how do I cope? Can you give me a (magic pill) tool to make the (physical issue) go away so I can keep doing what I’m doing?”

Here are a few examples paraphrased:

Example 1

Client: “For these 27 reasons, I have to continue working twelve-hour days, seven days a week in a job that I don’t particularly enjoy with a bully of a boss. So can you just fix my anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain, exhaustion and chronic pain?”

Me: “Not immediately, but I can help you look at and examine the truth of those 27 reasons, one-by-one, and see if your health responds accordingly.”

Client: “No, I want to keep the reasons. I just need you to do that energy work stuff on what’s keeping me from being able to work twelve-hour days, seven days a week.”

Example 2

Client: “I’m in a horrible marriage and I hate my spouse, but I can’t get divorced for these 13 reasons. I feel like a hostage. So can you make my anxiety and chronic illness go away? I just want to feel good about staying, or not care that I'm stuck.”

Me: “No, but I can help you find alternative truths to the 13 that are holding you hostage so you can find some freedom there and feel good about making the decision you’ve already identified as what you want to do.”

Client: “I already told you that I can’t have what I want. I just need you to fix my anxiety and chronic illness.”

The reality is, no matter how much we want there to be – and no matter how much society advertises that there is – there is no magic pill.

As an energy healer, I utilize Breathwork Meditation Healing and Reiki in support of the coaching work that I do with clients, not in place of. Why? Because unless we do our own inner work to release our old stories and make the changes that our body is signaling to us, the effects of energy work are short-lived.

Energy work is hugely beneficial to supporting this process. Immediately after energy work, we can feel light, free, relaxed and clear-headed. Then if we return to our same work, relationships, lifestyle, habits and thought-patterns, we find ourselves back where we were before the healing.

And let me be clear, the changes may not be in lifestyle, relationships, work, etc…it may just simply be changing how we perceive and think about these aspects and people. We don’t know until we examine our limiting beliefs and painful thoughts and then we can make decisions from a point of clarity.

Integrating the mental and emotional processing of coaching with the physical and energetic releasing of energy work can accelerate our healing, but it still takes the time it is going to take.

Think about the number of years it took to tangle ourselves up into the mental, emotional and physical knots that we find ourselves enmeshed in. The years of social conditioning coming at us from all angles and the amount of contorting we’ve done to fit in and be liked or loved. All that took time and consistency.

It’s going to take time and consistency to unravel and untangle it all.

We put forth the time and effort to unravel our conditioning because it’s worth it. Each layer gives us a little more freedom and lightness. Each session brings clarity and insights that were not accessible before. Each time we choose to do the deep inner work, we move closer to truth and peace. As we do this, our bodies respond in kind.

We learn to create new habits, new neural pathways, new ways of doing and being. These little changes over time result in the big changes we were initially hoping for. Pretty soon, we may not even recognize ourselves – in a wonderful way.

I started on this path of consistent, deep inner work in February of 2017. Five years later, I feel like a completely different person. Things that irked me before are a non-issue now. I used to believe the world was against me and I was a victim in its brutal wake with a plethora of examples to prove it so. Now I see the world as always acting in my favor with a plethora of examples to prove it so.

I’ve healed my chronic back pain, fertility issues and anxiety. I've even changed my DNA and what foods my body is able to process (it's a whole other story).

I own my behavior and no longer blame others or hold them responsible for my reactions. I’m a happier person, who’s less critical of myself and others. I feel more freedom now than I did when I was a care-free kid. And ironically, the less I care about what others think of me, the more I find that others like the real me more.

If this is what you’re after, and you’re willing to do the deep, inner work to get there, then let’s talk because I can help. If you want a magic pill, then in the words of George Strait, “I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona…if you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.”

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