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10-Step Mental & Emotional Detox

As we walk along life, we encounter people and situations that stir up anger, judgment, and resentment. Sometimes the harm caused is intentional, other times it’s not. Sometimes we express our anger and resentment outright, sometimes we hold it in and grumble to ourselves, both building it up inside us like a stoked fire. We may distance ourselves immediately or move on over time and forget until a memory is jogged.

Whatever the circumstances, if we don’t consciously forgive and release the constricting thoughts and emotions, they become pebbles that we store inside us. Over time, they accumulate and block our light. They weigh us down and we may not even comprehend why we feel so heavy, apathetic or lethargic. The pebbles cause illness and disease in our body. For some, it’s an early death (metaphorically or physically).

Feeling anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred or bitterness about another person only hurts ourselves. We receive tenfold what we project out that is immediately ricocheted back into us.

If we truly knew the extent of the ramifications, each one of us would forgive and release each negative thought and constricting emotion immediately. Unfortunately, we haven’t necessarily been taught in our culture how to do that. So, I’m going to share a process that I created to perform your own Mental & Emotional Detox.

It came about when I asked myself, “What am I retaining? What weight am I still holding onto?”

The answer was, “All the pain that you’ve never consciously and intentionally released.”

Oh, just that?!

I sat down and took inventory of every uncomfortable situation I could possibly remember from childhood through the present. I thought about romantic relationships, classmates, teachers, relatives, friendships, coworkers, bosses, neighbors and companies I recall engaging with. I checked in with my body’s response to each one.

Did my body automatically contract? Did they trigger memories of feeling wronged? Did I harbor any twinge of resentment or judgment toward them?

If the answer was yes, I wrote that person on a list. Small things and little things, everything that came to mind I wrote down. Then I listed pet-peeves in general buckets like: road-ragers, people who don’t follow rules at the expense of others, people who are rude, people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, etc.

I tried to be as exhaustive as possible. Every irksome encounter that popped up I catalogued. Even people whose names I couldn’t remember but our engagement lingered a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, this took some time. And, yes, it was quite uncomfortable.

When I felt like I had as comprehensive a list as I could muster, I decided to create a release ceremony, pulling from a variety of learnings I’ve integrated over the years. Feel free to try this yourself!

10-Step Mental & Emotional Detox

Optional: Pour drops of Young Living essential oil blends Release and Forgiveness on the list of names.

For each and every name on your list, say Steps 1-5 slowly, with intention and conscious awareness. Pause between steps to feel the impact of each.

Step 1: “I forgive you (Name) for (perceived wrongdoing).” Feel it as truth.

Step 2: “I release all judgmental thoughts and (list uncomfortable emotions) up into the light of my Divine Presence to be transmuted into Love.” (ex: judgment, bitterness, anger, resentment, jealousy, pain, fear, rejection, etc.)

Step 3: Invoke the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono as follows “(Name), I’m sorry for sending these thoughts and emotions out to you. I’m sorry for harboring these judgments and emotions about you. Please forgive me. (Pause) Thank you. I love you.”

Step 4: “I call upon the Law of Forgiveness.”* Visualize a Divine White (or Golden) Light shining down upon you, cleansing away all wrongdoing in both directions.

Step 5: “I send to you, (Name), the fullness of the Divine Love of my Being to bless and prosper you.”* Visualize your heart sending blessings to the individual.

Depending on how many people you have on your list, Steps 1-5 may take some time. I ended up dedicating an entire day to this whole process. I gave each person the space that felt intuitively right, and as a result I felt the releases physically and emotionally. I invite you to do the same.

Once you’ve completed Steps 1-5 for all the individuals on your list, move on to Step 6:

Step 6: Burn (safely) or tear apart the list and dispose of it.

Step 7: While chopping with your hands (like they are swords) all around your body, state aloud, “I hereby disconnect any and all energetic cords between these people from all my major and minor energy centers. They are in their Sovereign Energy. I am in my Sovereign Energy.” Visualize yourself in your own sovereign energetic bubble of light.

Step 8: Give yourself some gratitude for your courage and willingness to release the past and heal yourself.

Step 9: Cleanse your space in whatever manner you are accustomed (incense, saging, seining, sprays, sound bowls, etc.).

Step 10: Take an Epsom salt bath to complete the detox.

Post Process: Drink plenty of water for the next 24 hours.

I’d love to hear how this process worked for you! Please let me know!

*Provided by the Saint Germain Press book ""I AM' Discources" (Volume 3 in the Saint Germain Series)


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