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An Alternative Perspective on Disease & Illness

I’ve written previously about the Mind Body Connection and how illness can be created in the body through extensive and repetitive limiting beliefs or unprocessed emotions stored as energetic blocks. That’s only one option, and when we look at illness that narrowly, it opens us up for self-judgment and shame for being the creators of our own disease and pain.

We think, “I’m broken, I must fix me. I must discover the root and shift it.”

However, an alternative reason for our illness or disease could be simply that we need that experience as a catalyst for our own mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It’s a necessary step in our evolution and elevation of consciousness. To sit with it, feel it, experience it, and allow it to be there without our incessant need to “fix it.”

What if our perpetual fix-it mode is just another activity to keep our minds (and egos) busy so that we don’t have to be still enough to feel what’s there? What if that flurry of activity is just another form of disassociation from what is? What if it’s just one more excuse for our ego to tell us we’re not enough?

What if, instead, we could befriend our pain, our illness, our disease? Sit with it, hold its hand, look it in the eyes and say, “I’m here for you. I won’t try to fix you; I’ll just hold space for you.” And then listen, watch and witness it.

Disease as a wise teacher in learning to allow, to accept what is, and to find stillness within ourselves. Oh, what a precious gift that could be if we let it exist within us.

I’m not implying that it would be easy, because it's uncomfortable to be in pain and as humans, we grasp tightly to the illusion of control.

I’m merely suggesting that maybe there’s another way to go about perceiving disease and illness. One that feels like flowing with the tide instead of bracing against it and trying to swim upstream. One that is surrendering to our reality with a trust that all things are exactly as they should be.

One that releases us from shame and self-blame. One that allows us to be enough as we are, worthy and perfectly imperfect…and perfectly aligned to our path as its intended to unfold. That allows our predestined experiences to be the catalysts for the evolution of our consciousness.

Could we allow space for this alternative to be as true, if not truer? And if so, how does that shift the way we approach being in relationship with our disease/illness?

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